Revolution is here with us in terms of how we work and live and as a result, the role of a designer is seen to be changing continuously. When it comes to changes, the stage you are in your career be it at the top or at the middle or you are just beginning does not matter, it is always good to avoid being swept away by history’s tide.  You need to develop yourself either by learning some basic coding or developing in digital topography or just by combining tools by interacting with other creatives.

You have to make yourself a more appealing prospect to potential employers and clients and this can only be done by continually developing yourself and staying at the top of the game.  With the evolving design, you ought to adapt across this digital experience by staying relevant.  So it is good that you keep on learning and looking by sucking up the world as much as you can. Knowing how crucial learning from other creatives designers is, we have gathered your information on where you can equip yourself with all the necessary skills and knowledge.


Over the years Facebook has become one of the most popular sites where people can just interact from anywhere in the world. As a designer, there are various groups and pages that have been specifically created for designers and it is here that you will get to interact with other designers and learn any tips and tricks to help you grow. In this Facebook page do not be surprised when you land yourself a client by just displaying your works and advertising yourself. It is not just about branding yourself, there are designers that share awareness stuff that are crucial for a designer. As a designer, there are a lot of experiences that you will go through and in these groups or pages, you can be able to share your experience.


Whether you just want to chill out and kill some time or you just want to be in update with the world of design or you are just simply looking for inspiration, Dribble has been a great platform for many designers. if you are a designer that wants to grow, Dribble is the best place where you can be able to promote, tell, discover, share and explore the various designs.  There are more than 50,000 designers that are active and this a large community where you can learn various skills that you need for your growth.


Although this may just be a platform where people just share their moments through photos, as a designer you just need to search for various accounts that are meant for designers or you could just follow top rated designer and get to interact with them. Sometimes we may be stuck in our project just simply because we lack inspiration. Following a designer’s account is a great way as you will get to be inspired by other designers work and may be you could just get an idea popping out of your mind. Although Instagram may not be the best platform to display your work, this is a place that you will get a large community of designers and you will get to learn a lot.


Are you in search of a new project or job that could keep you busy for the next coming few days, this is a great platform for you? The great thing about this platform is that you will be able to create your resume online by creating your LinkedIn profile. It is here that you will get to also meet a community of designers who are also in search of projects like and you can be able to interact with them and share any knowledge that you may deem necessary.


for any designer, this seems to be a popular and great platform where you can interact with your fellow designers. Although there are many websites where you can be able to share your portfolio, this is just the best platform that will help you in exposing your portfolio. It is not just about exposing you to get new projects or jobs, this is a designer’s community where you can just share your work and get the opinions of other designers. Behance will not just expose you, it will help you grow by giving you the opportunity to interact with other designers and get to share your experiences.

Being a designer is great and exciting but you just can be having the excitement that comes with being a designer if you seclude yourself, you need to expose yourself by interacting with other designers from all around the world and just get inspired by their work. With the above platforms, you will be able to get to learn and be aware of various things as a designer that you would not have learnt if you didn’t join the community of designers in each of the above platforms.