Drawing Mircosoft’s XBOX 360 In Photoshop

This tutorial is going to teach you how to draw a Mircosoft’s XBOX 360 console in photoshop using a reference image, simple techniques such as the gradient tools and the pen tool. You are expected to have some experience with both of these two tools to successfully apply and follow this tutorial. I am going to trace everything over this hi-resolution picture of the XBOX that I found. By the time you’re done, your finished work will look something like this.

Starting Off – Side Panel

The Side Panel consists of three parts: the surface, the top handle, and the fan’s ventilation. The text on the side panel will be dealt with later. Open the hi-resolution image I provided earlier to start off.

You will now have to set the Blending Options for the shape you selected. Make sure that the gradient matches the one in the image below, you will have to adjust the color location accordingly. This step is quite important because we will be using the same procedure several times along the tutorial.

Note: Make sure that each part you draw is placed on a separate layer to make sure that your blending options don’t get applied to the wrong parts.

Set #4F545A as your foreground color, and #2F343A as the background color. Check the Bending Options to apply an Inner Shadow and a Gradient Overlay. Apply necessary changes according to the image below. The gradient should already be set to the same one we created in the previous step.

Creating the ventilation holes is a little bit trickier. We have to create a pattern of blurred dots which we will later fit into the ventilation place.

To create this pattern you will have to first create a new 20x20px document. Draw a Grey (#3B4046) circle in the middle, then apply a Gaussian Blur to it with a radius of 3px. With the dot ready in the middle, press Ctrl+A to select the whole canvas, and then go through Edit>Define Pattern and select a name for this pattern.

Close the pattern document and go back to your drawing. Create a wide horizontal selection across the canvas and then go through Edit>File and use the pattern you created. You will now have to delete some rows from your selection to end up with 5 rows only to match those in the original image. Once that is done, press Ctrl+T to Free Transform your block of dots, right-click anywhere on the stage to select the Distort option and then drag the edges of your block of dots to fall on the edges of the original ventilation holes of the original image.

The Front Panel – Upper Handle

The Front Panel of the console starts from the top, it includes the handle, the front face, and the interface. We will start with an easy part, the top handle. Use the Pen Tool to trace that part as illustrated in the image below.

We will not fill this using Blending Options as we did for the earlier parts. You will create a Vector Custom Shape that cannot be edited, go through Layer>Rasterize>Layer to convert your shape into editable raster type. Then select the layer’s content by holding down the Ctrl button and clicking on this layer on the layers panel.